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Where can I find my license key for SMP? Article rated 1.0/5.0
Following successful payment, you will have received an email to the email address used when purchasing, containing your unique license key. (Note: the email will have also contained link(s) to downlo...
Do I need a Windows VPS or Dedicated Server? Article not rated yet
No, you do not need either a Windows VPS or dedicated server. SMP is a standard Windows application, designed to work on machines with the Windows operating system. It will work on most Windows PC's, ...
Can I use a VPN with SMP? Article not rated yet
Strictly speaking, yes you can. However in practice we do not recommend the use of a VPN for use with SMP. When you use a VPN, all traffic flows through the same VPN tunnel. And therefore shares the s...
What type of proxies does SMP support? Article rated 1.0/5.0
SMP supports standard IP4 proxies i.e. in the format ip:port, or ip:port:username:password. It does NOT support IP6 proxies. Data centre, residential, 4G or rotating proxies are fine, so long as they ...

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